Week Two
Building Websites From Scratch

13th-17th Jan 2020

Building Websites using CMSs – WordPress

  540 minutes

WordPress is acknowledged to be the most popular website builder in the world. It runs well over 33% of all websites on the internet. The particular reason for that is because WordPress is definitely easy to install which in turn makes it simple for anybody to create any kind of website.

Generally in many instances, installing WordPress is a simple process that will take less than five minutes to complete.

In this course, our goal will be to give you a complete WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users as well. Though we say it’s easy to install, getting it to look as beautiful as you imagine it will look is the major challenge. However, with our well-structured way of teaching and hands-on examples, you’ll build the confidence you need to complete your site and also the knowledge to make it look however you please.

Get ready for an exciting journey.